These are my chickens.

Chickens, as I explained in my last blog, have different personalities. I have one example, summer (the white one with a feather beard) is funny and smart, she takes her treat and runs away! But Rachel (The one that is reddish/brownish and she has white on her) used to sit on people’s shoulders!

They also like different foods. One chicken likes birdseed the other likes bread. And some chickens like greens the others don’t.

So chickens are fairly smart too! LOVE chickens, even though they view you as someone who feeds them. But you kinda do.

Button Quails are the tiniest form of Quail. But let’s not spoil it for my next blog. But here is a sneak peek for the next blog: We are trying to hatch button Quail, so we are candling them the next blog. so watch out for the next!