So, it’s been six weeks since they hatched. I can tell you!! THEY FLY!!! That’s how one died. But since it died, I hate to say it – they mellowed out. But the one that died was kinda cray-cray! It would pace back and forth! Nothing is going on with the button Quail. So next… Continue reading THEN… & NOW


Our Quails are getting…….. more wild! As I said in my last blog, we had 7. Sadly, they are masters at flying! One sadly escaped, and he or she died. But I do have a funny story though. So they are so wild, I don’t blame them though they are supposed to live in Africa… Continue reading BOYS, OR GIRLS???


As the title says, we now have 7. We thought we would only get 2, but we got more, 5 more. By the way, the one that we call brownie did make it. SURPRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got our seventh one. He or she hatched. It is bright yellow and tiny. At a week old, they are… Continue reading THERE WAS 2 – THEN 7


Newly Hatched! Quarter in Box For Reference As the pictures show! The Button Quail have hatched! They are tiny, so tiny! I am super excited! It’s the first time we hatched them. So the bad thing is that you can’t hold them until they are about 2 days old! Well, that sounds bad to me.… Continue reading BUTTON QUAIL HAVE HATCHED!


Now, not the lockdown that you might think of. We are talking about Button Quail lockdown. In my last blog I said we would candle them but, another fact, their eggs are super thick so we couldn’t candle them. So, exciting news! The Button Quail should hatch tomorrow or the day after. I’ll keep you… Continue reading BUTTON QUAIL LOCKDOWN


Chickens, as I explained in my last blog, have different personalities. I have one example, summer (the white one with a feather beard) is funny and smart, she takes her treat and runs away! But Rachel (The one that is reddish/brownish and she has white on her) used to sit on people’s shoulders! They also… Continue reading CHICKENS – PERSONALITIES


Hi! My logo looks like I live on a farm, but actually I just like animals. Here are some things I will write about: raising button Quail, life with chickens, my cats Ron and Rosa, cool trips, raisins, etc. My cats (Ron and Rosa) have very different personalities. Did you know that chickens have different… Continue reading WELCOME